I'm Bradford. I'm an adventurer - constantly inspired by what can be experienced and discovered. This is me at the Lightning In A Bottle Festival in California. Scroll down for more...

I work as a cross between an operations director, creative manager, and producer. I enjoy working with teams in defining new projects & products. La Croix and possibility are my spinach.

Sometimes I'll get on a stage and fulfill my childhood dreams of being a rock star. This moment is from an annual ALS benefit show that I produce with my hometown family every winter. We call it the Meltdown. It's in honor of my late father, David Wayne Gary Wray. It's always an incredible night and gives me so much hope going into each new year.

I'm a dreamer and a pragmatist. Feel free to reach out to me for any kind of collaboration or simply to chat. I'm very punctual and responsive. 

Thank you for hanging out on my site. Please be sure to explore my photography and production pages to get a glimpse into past work and moments I've captured. 

Be well and be nice. Bless :)